We Bring a New Design Idea
Morn Associates brings to you the wondrous of both visual communication design and digital media that allows you to experience the fine blend of design and communication.
With a passion for design and people, our designers own a curiosity about the future and are all ready to accompany you to join the tour exploring how environment might be changed based on the needs, how the access and use of information might be shaped and how the design might be better embedded in our daily life.

User experience plays an important role in today's market and those with us for sure will find visual communication and digital media initiates and is actually initiating a step forward in the professional development of the industry.

Research at Morn Associates place emphasis on the possibilities offered by the emerging and existing creative process and its potential impact on the user. Morn Associates engages themselves in developmental direction by keeping track of what is happening around, analysing why and imagining what it could be.

With mutual trust and respect, Morn Associates is dedicated to develop long-term and fruitful association with all our partners. Apart from the creative process of finding a unique design solution, we offer services in various disciplines including:
 Visual Communication:
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising Campaign
  • Visual & Brand Identity
  • Window / Promotional Display
  • Installation Art
  • Print Production & Management

 Digital Media:
  • Website Design
  • e-Direct Mail
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Animation / Video / Presentation
  • Interface Design
  • Interactive Installation

Angus Chan  MA(RCA),    // Creative Director
Angus possesses great interest to bring a new design idea and explore the consequences and implications of new and emerging technologies in everyday life. His deep understanding of interaction design and innovative research method explain his long-term relationship with his clients.

After completing his MA in Interaction Design at Royal College of Art (RCA) and Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Design at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, Angus worked in London, Shanghai as well as Beijing and further extended his expertise in interaction design in these places. He returned to Hong Kong in 2006 and started to work for a Swedish-based design consultancy in charging of the overall art direction, concepts generation and development throughout the actual design process.
Margaret Leung,    // Design Director
Having engaged in the design industry for years, Margaret has earned solid knowledge and hands-on experience in the area of visual communication design. She owns eagerness to help others to convey their stories, personalities and present the products and services by means of visual communication media and strategic design. Her network in the market together with the professional attainment have empowered her to bring in creativity to the clients and at the same time help them to get their message across in the market.

She has wide exposure in various areas including above-the-line campaigns and below-the-line communications, branding development, media and public relations, marketing and promotion.

Her major clients come from the major corporate brands including Citi, LensCrafters, ifc mall etc.

Artists At Work
Illustration, Shanghai Plaza 66

Merry Sweetmas
Christmas Promotional Design

Magic Door
Awareness Campaign, ifc mall

Fabulous Summer
Shopping Booklet, Shanghai ifc mall

City Safari
Anamorphic Parking Lot Decoration

Citi International Case Competition
International Event, Citigroup & HKUST

Vision Care Center
Grand Opening, LensCrafters

Corporate Social Responsibility
Publication, Citigroup

Make a Wish
Pre-Christmas Campaign, ifc mall

Installation Art, ifc mall

Asia Beyond Growth
Publication, AECOM

Generative Art

Picture Perfect
Fall/Winter Campaign, ifc mall

Guide To Your Career
Publication, HKUST

Experience Shanghai ifc
In-mall Hoarding, Shanghai ifc mall

Weaving a Warm Christmas
Christmas Campaign, ELEMENTS

Robata Zawazawa
Brand Enhancement & Collateral